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Why is CQ important

Every day, faculty and staff at Bethel navigate cultural differences—whether these are generational, role-specific, racial, or theological. Cultural Intelligence, or CQ assessments and training provides a useful framework to help people navigate these differences.

CQ is built around four key principles:

  • CQ Drive: People with high CQ Drive are eager to learn about and adapt to new and diverse cultures.
  • CQ Knowledge: People with high CQ Knowledge have a deep understanding of culture and how it impacts the thoughts and actions of others.
  • CQ Strategy: People with high CQ Strategy are able to both plan for and learn from multicultural interactions.
  • CQ Action: People with high CQ Action utilize their drive, knowledge, and strategy to effectively adapt in multicultural settings.

Benefits of cultural intelligence

The sum of a person’s CQ Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, and Action is a measure of their effectiveness in spaces characterized by cultural differences—and that effectiveness is a key driver of success in a globalized world. Through CQ assessments and training, people can identify their strengths and areas for improvement. And ultimately, each person can find opportunities to function more effectively in multicultural and diverse settings.

Attend a CQ session

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