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At the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please email us at study-abroad@bethel.edu and we will make sure it is forwarded to the appropriate staff member. We will respond as soon as we get a chance!

You can also reach us by phone or fax:
Phone: 651.638.6549
Fax: 651.635.1966

Meet the Team

Virginija Wilcox, M.A.

Associate Dean of International and Off-Campus Programs


Achiever / Input / Intellection / Discipline / Learner

Nicole Kang, M.A.

Assistant Director of International and Off-Campus Programs


Positivity / Maximizer / Harmony / Empathy / Arranger

Kayleigh Sommerfeldt, MBA

Global Operations Coordinator of International and Off-Campus Programs 


Learner / Input / Achiever / Context / Individualization