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Intercultural Engagement Endorsement

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As our world grows more interconnected, the ability to interact, communicate, and collaborate with people across cultures becomes more essential. Bethel’s intercultural engagement endorsement combines courses, activities, and experiences to help you develop an awareness of your own cultural beliefs, behaviors, history, practices, and values—and you'll be equipped to understand and appreciate those characteristics in others as well.

How to Enroll in the Intercultural Engagement Endorsement:

  1. Add the endorsement to your academic record
  2. Enroll in the endorsement at bethelabroad.via-trm.com
    • Use this "application" as a way to track your completion progress

Questions? Email study-abroad@bethel.edu

Goals and Outcomes 

  • Develop skills that will help you communicate and collaborate across cultural differences.
  • Learn how to engage in meaningful interactions and develop personal relationships with a wide variety of people with different backgrounds.
  • Grow your appreciation for the value of different perspectives, especially those rooted in cultural experience.
  • Understand how becoming more globally engaged enhances one's experience as a Bethel student and prepares you for a global workforce.

Academic Requirements

To earn an endorsement in intercultural engagement, you'll need to complete the following academic requirements. 

Courses (6-10 credits)

  • U-tag course (3 credits)
  • G-tag course (3 credits)
  • One language course to fulfill S-tag (0 or 4 credits*)
    • *4 credits if taken at Bethel; 0 credits if part of study abroad experience.

Experience (14-16 credits)

Choose one:

  • One semester abroad
  • One semester off-campus in a Bethel-approved domestic program that engages a different culture or cultures


  • Membership in United Cultures of Bethel (UCB) for at least one semester
  • Attend five relevant events on campus (e.g., Reconciliation Studies forum) or off-campus (e.g., colloquium, reading)
  • Attend the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs' Pre-Departure Orientation and Re-entry workshops