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Bethel Faculty-Led Programs (January, Summer)

Bethel faculty lead short-term programs for both undergraduate and graduate students each January and summer.

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2024 Faculty-Led January Courses

Ecology in the Tropics: Natural History & Future Prospects - Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

GES318KZ*  |  Apply Now

Travel from base in Quito throughout Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands, surveying the land, climate, plants, animals, homes, transportation, and industries, noting especially the impact of human culture, presence, and activities. Sites include the Amazon rainforest, Andean cloud forests, volcanic mountains, highlands, towns, cities, & the Galápagos Islands.

*(Note: Course may carry cross-credit in biology or environmental studies, BIO318KZ or ENS318KZ, 4 credits, with additional coursework.)

European Pioneers in Psychology

PSY320Z  |  Apply Now

This course explores some of the most prominent European figures in the history of contemporary psychology. We will examine some of the major historical movements in the history of ideas in psychology, with an emphasis on the relevant philosophical, intellectual, and spiritual context. In this process, we will compare various schools of thought and approaches to the study of psychology. We will also look at how psychology developed in the various countries we visit. Students will have the opportunity to encounter local professional and academic psychologists.

Introduction to International Business - Europe

BUS202Z  |  Apply Now

This course is designed to explore the dynamics of international business. Participants will visit sites to examine businesses that operate across borders and may include: advertising agencies, banks, accounting firms, technology firms, manufacturing facilities, and multinational corporations. Students interact with culture through a series of activities.

Culture and Communication in Thailand: An Immersive Area Study

COM315GZ  |  Apply Now

Experience the community and culture of the K'nYaw (Karen) people in Thailand as you learn about the socio-political factors that have displaced them from their villages in Burma. Students will explore the rich worldview, faith, history, education, political economy, ecology, and art of the region while connecting deeply with the local community in a meaningful project focused on telling their story and preserving their heritage.

Media and Communication in Developing Countries

ENJ321GZ  |  Apply Now

Through social immersion students utilize journalism and design to uncover and tell stories of our diverse, local and global communities. An empathetic approach to storytelling brings people together, challenges cultural barriers, and fosters authentic understanding of others. This highly collaborative class requires students to live, work, research, and cultivate community relationships together. The class will publish self-reflective field notes, create a multimedia blog platform for storytelling, and host an engaging community event showcasing their work. The location of the immersion changes each time the course is offered, including local, regional and international settings.

Medieval Worlds: Art and History in North Africa and Europe

ARH/HIS236UZ  |  Apply Now

This class is an on-site investigation of the artistic and historical legacy of medieval North Africa and Europe. While medieval Europe is often viewed through a chiefly Christian lens, southern Spain, or Andalusia, was multifaceted and included Christians, Muslims, and Jews who influenced, sometimes conflicted, and collaborated with each other. This course will study the artistic, archaeological, and historical legacy of these interactions through readings, research, presentations, and creative expression including personal travelogues and guided art experiences.

Science and Technology - New Zealand

GES317KZ  |  Apply Now

This course will explore the historical development of science and technology in New Zealand, including current challenges. Topics include inventions and inventors, health care, unique technologies, native and invasive species, sea life, earthquakes, hot springs, and volcanic activity in the context of historical Maori and British colonial cultures leading to the present day. 


Faculty-Led Summer Courses

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