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Study Abroad Opportunities

Students of Bethel University have a wide variety of study abroad programs to choose from. We offer a selection of interim, semester, and even summer programs.  Whether it's a Bethel program or an outside program provider, we'll help you find the program that meets your needs and interests. Click on the links below to get started:

Semester Programs

Bethel offers faculty lead semester programs to Spain (every fall semester), Europe (every odd fall semester), and England (every fall even semester). Read about these opportunities by following the link above. 

Interim Programs

Interim courses will be announced in the spring of every academic year for the next interim period. Our interim courses are typically announced during our Interim Study Abroad fair in March. These courses are 3 weeks in length and lead by Bethel Faculty. 

Summer Programs

Although Bethel doesn't have faculty lead summer programs, we do offer many other opportunities. Check out the list here.

Complete List of All Available Programs

Want to study in another area of the world? See our complete list of programs available including Bethel faculty lead and other affiliated programs.