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With Bethel’s wide variety of study away program offerings, students from any major can find a program that advances their academic and career goals. No matter what your academic interests are or where you want to study abroad, we are confident that we have a program for you.

Step 1: Academic planning

It's never too early to start scheduling study abroad into your academic plan! Use this study abroad checklist to help you stay on track throughout the planning process.

Program searching

Scholarship searching

Advising meetings

  • Meet with your academic advisor
    • Work with your academic advisor and department chair before you go abroad to determine how your study abroad courses will transfer back.
  • Meet with a study abroad advisor
    • Connect with a study abroad advisor to explore available courses and programs which may be a good fit for your academic needs.

Step 2: Course petitions*

*Third-party programs only

The courses you take abroad will transfer back to Bethel either as elective credits or as the direct equivalent of courses in Bethel’s catalog. To have credits transfer back as direct equivalents, you will need to complete the course petition process below.

It is recommended that you petition more courses than you actually plan to take in case a course ends up being full or canceled.

1. Collect and compile course information for 8-12 course options
2. Submit course petitions
  • One petition must be submitted for each course (i.e. five petitions for five courses)
  • It will take 1-4 weeks (or longer over winter and summer breaks) to receive an approval or denial decision from the Registrar's Office. (You will be notified via email either way.)
    • If "Approved": You are good to go!
    • If "Denied":
      1. Contact the appropriate faculty member to gather information on why the course was denied
        • Is there information you can provide that may reverse the decision?
      2. Submit new petition(s) for alternate course options

3. Consider enrolling in the Intercultural Engagment Endorsement (IEE)

  • Enrolling in the IEE will ensure that all courses taken abroad will count towards graduation requirments and be considered in financial aid calculations.


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