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Verona, Italy at night over the water.

We have a wide variety of resources to assist as you plan your experience abroad. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Resources for students

This resource center is built especially for students. Here you'll find:

  • Upcoming events
  • Advising and application information
  • Pre-departure information
  • In-country reminders
  • Re-entry information

Resources for parents and families

This resource center includes information and FAQs specific to parents and families including:

  • Health and safety
  • Finances
  • Faith while abroad

Resources for faculty-led program leaders

In the FLP Resource Center linked above, FLP leaders will find all the information and forms necessary for developing and planning a faculty-led program:

  • New and Existing Course Development Timelines
  • Budget and Payment Information
  • Forms and Resources (including proposal forms, financial planning forms, etc.)
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Risk Management (including insurance information)
  • Application Software Support
  • Photo Gallery

Resources for faculty advisors

On this webpage, you will find FAQs specific to study abroad academic advising, such as:

  • Deadlines
  • Program options
  • Application process
  • Course transfer
  • Advising tips

For additional questions, please contact our team!