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NOV 1 2016

Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts: Defining and Exploring Microaggressions Part 2

10:20 a.m. BU Library Fireside Lounge

Microaggression is a term often felt, but rarely defined. This is the second in a two-part series.

NOV 3 2016

Fictive Kinship and Formal Care: A Study of Home Health Aides and Social Support

10:20 a.m. University Library Fireside Lounge

This study analyzes the role of fictive kinship and social support from family members within the job of the home health aide.

NOV 8 2016

Overcoming Color Blindness on the Path to Beloved Community

10:20 a.m. University Library Fireside Lounge

This presentation utilizes critical race theory (CRT) as a framework for teaching strategies that transcend color blindness.

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