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Emails are tough. In fact, we think an email is the most challenging form of communication to get right. So we've compiled a few resources to help out our email writers.

Anatomy of an Email

The Anatomy of an Email is a helpful outline for working through an email. It gives you tips for formatting and let’s you know what you need to include.

Voice and Tone

All Bethel emails should sound like they’re written by people for people. This can be hard to do when we’re writing mass emails for distant recipients. Our voice and tone tips will help you think about what your recipients are feeling and how your emails can adapt.

Why Emails are Hard to Write

Email is deceiving because it is so easy to send. But crafting a message that says exactly what you mean is a big hairy task. We often don't carve out enough time to think through and write emails precisely because they seem so easy. This can lead to our messages being misinterpreted on the receiving end.

Emails are also quite intimate because they’re delivered directly to a recipient’s personal inbox. Plus, the recipient didn’t necessarily go looking for the information. So we need to craft messages that are sensitive to the fact that we’re demanding the recipient’s personal time and attention.