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Mailboxes & Forwarding

After undergrad students register for classes, we'll assign you a mailbox. You will keep the same box each year you are at Bethel (as long as you're registered). Please remember that the box and lock are the property of Bethel.

Mail Forwarding

We offer mail forwarding for students when you:

  • graduate
  • study abroad for a semester (excluding Interim)
  • are temporarily away during the summer but are returning to Bethel
  • withdraw from Bethel

Forward Your Mail

Once we’ve received your notification, we’ll forward your mail according to U.S. Postal Service guidelines:

  • First-class mail: Forwarded at no charge for one year from the date you leave Bethel, during the semester you’re abroad, or while you’re away during the summer.
  • Standard mail packages: Forwarded for one year from the date you leave Bethel. Please note that the US Postal Service may charge you first-class postage.
  • Standard mail letters and flats: This mail is not forwardable and is recycled.
  • Magazines: Forwarded for 60 days from the date you leave Bethel. If you’re studying abroad or away for the summer, magazines are forwarded beyond the 60 days.
  • UPS and FedEx packages: These companies do not forward packages. If you will be gone for a semester or more, your package will be returned to the sender.

If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact our office.