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Colloquy ( KOLL-uh-kwee ) = Conversation

This reading group brings motivated students into lively conversation around a biblically and theologically sound vision of work. Students also explore the practical implications of this vision on our daily lives and on the life of the church. 

The name of the Colloquy reflects the fact that the average person will spend at least 100,000 hours of her or his life at work. Colloquy members think together about how to address these hours with biblical integrity and practical power. Participants gather over meals to discuss books and to consider work, vocation, and economics through eyes of faith.

Upcoming Groups

The Bethel Seminary St. Paul community will host a Colloquy reading group during Fall Semester 2017. Participants in St. Paul will include Seminary students as well as students from Bethel University’s MBA, MASL, and PA programs. Registration has closed for this group.

The Bethel Seminary San Diego community will host a Colloquy reading group during Spring Semester 2018. Participants in San Diego will include students from the theological and counseling programs. See application details below and join the conversation.

Participation Requirements

Interested students must apply to participate. The Colloquy will read four books together and meet multiple times throughout the semester. The San Diego group will meet at Bethel Seminary on Friday afternoons for lunch. All books and meals are paid for by the Work with Purpose Initiative.

Students are allowed one excused absence during the semester.


Participants must read all four books and attend all meetings. In addition, students must write a paper and complete a blog post (see below). Upon completion of these items, students will receive a $400 stipend at the end of the semester.  

Writing Assignment 

Students must write and submit an 8-page (2,400-word) paper due in June. After the Colloquy is over, all papers will be reviewed and the best paper will be awarded a $500 prize. Additionally, participants will translate some of their reflections captured in the paper into a blog post that will be shared with the Work with Purpose network. 

Want to see what other Seminary students have written? Check out the Work with Purpose Initiative Blog to view posts from past participants. 

How to Apply

Apply online now for the Spring 2018 Colloquy in San Diego. Space is limited; students are encouraged to apply early. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all seats are filled.


St. Paul Colloquy: Contact Tessa Pinkstaff at tessa-pinkstaff@bethel.edu or 651.638.6480. 

San Diego Colloquy: Send an email to work-with-purpose-bssd@bethel.edu