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The Work with Purpose Initiative exists to help the Church embrace an integrated, kingdom vision of work, vocation, and economics. Here are some of the ways we serve pastors, students, workers, lay leaders, and congregants alike as they come to see work through the eyes of faith.

Within the Community

Seminary and Public Events

Work with Purpose provides access to some of the brightest minds in the faith-work conversation. We host lunches, public lectures, seminars, online forums, conferences, and more. Past keynote speakers include:

  • Amy Sherman, author of Kingdom Calling and leading faith-work advocate
  • Ken Blanchard, management expert and author of the best-seller The One-Minute Manager
  • Andy Crouch, author, speaker, and former executive editor of Christianity Today
  • Steven Garber, scholar, consultant, and author of Visions of Vocation
  • Dan Mead, retired president and CEO of Verizon Wireless
  • Tom Nelson, pastor, president of Made to Flourish, and author of Work Matters

Check out our video and audio archive for recordings of these and other past events, and then view our events calendar to see what’s coming next.

Women in the Workforce 

As the faith-work movement grows, much of the dialogue excludes the unique experiences of women in professional marketplace and ministry roles. We seek to change that. Together, we want to help women consider how they are participating on God's redemptive story through work. We are producing a series of gatherings for working women in ministry and the marketplace. We are also developing an online forum for networking and conversation. Contact us to get on our list and learn more.

Within Bethel Seminary

100,000 Hours Colloquy

The 100,000 Hours Colloquy student reading group brings motivated Seminary students into lively and transformative interactions around the concepts of faith, work, vocation, and economics. The St. Paul Colloquy also invites students from Bethel University’s MBA, MASL, and PA programs to join the conversation. Interested students can learn more and apply online.

Online Sessions

These hour-long sessions engage pastors and Bethel Seminary community in the Twin Cities and across the U.S. to consider the meaning of work and how vocation is tied to ministry no matter your occupation. Check out our video and audio archive recordings of past sessions and view our events calendar to see when the session is happening. 

Faculty Idea Grants

The Faculty Idea Grant program invites Bethel Seminary faculty members to develop classroom learning opportunities ranging from class assignments to entire teaching units. The grants allow integration of work, vocation, and economics with classical theological disciplines and contemporary leadership theory. Interested faculty can learn more and apply online.

Seminary Courses

Since the launch of Work with Purpose, and thanks to numerous Faculty Idea Grant awards, dozens of courses at Bethel Seminary have incorporated teaching units, modules, lessons, and projects that increase students' capacity and vision for faith-work integration. In addition, the Initiative has contributed to the development of the following whole courses as part of the Seminary curriculum:

  • Christian Social Ethics for the Workplace 
  • Ministry Models for Sustainable Community Development 
  • Theology of Leadership and Vocation
  • Work, Economics, and The Church: A Practical Theology 

Student Idea Grants

Enrolled Bethel Seminary students can apply to receive grants to develop and implement projects related to faith, work, and economics. Projects must advance the vision within churches that all work is ministry. Interested students can learn more and apply online.

Within Local Churches

One-on-One Pastor Conversations

We offer personalized conversations to help pastors and ministry leaders consider ways in which to conceive, implement, and integrate whole‐life discipleship concepts of faith, work, vocation, and economics into their church community. To schedule a conversation and get started, contact:

Pastors Gatherings

This ongoing series of events is designed to give pastors and ministry leaders the opportunity to learn from one another as we seek to develop whole-life disciples in our church communities. Each gathering focuses on a different topic and is facilitated by pastors who have especially considered how the topic shapes their approach to pastoring. View our events calendar to see when the next gathering is happening. 

Church-Based Courses

We have developed a series of practical, 6-week courses on topics related to faith-work integration. The courses are ideal for church-based education classes, small group studies, or even personal study. There are three courses for adults and one designed specially for youth. The material combines personal reflection, biblical and theological exploration, and perspectives from Christians throughout church history. Learn more and purchase copies online.