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Explore our collection of resources developed by the Work with Purpose Initiative. You can purchase copies using the form below and view a publications list (PDF) to see what we have available. 

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Work with Purpose Booklet

Work with Purpose: Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Work

This concise booklet examines the biblical foundations, historical insights, and constructive proposals related to work and vocation. It provides an excellent, accessible foundation for pastors, ministry leaders, and lay Christians on why work matters to God. Purchase copies

Contributing authors:

  • Glen Scorgie, Professor of Theology, Bethel Seminary San Diego
  • Jeannine Brown, Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary San Diego
  • Paul Ferris, Professor of Hebrew Bible, Bethel Seminary St. Paul

Available formats: $3 PDF Booklet / $5 Printed Booklet

Church-Based Course Series for Adults

Faith and Work: A Biblical Look into our Faith and Work

This course establishes a firm foundation for looking at faith and work through the whole story of the Bible. It explores key biblical and theological concepts that help participants see the fundamental value of living out our commitment to Christ in our everyday lives. Purchase copies

Available formats: $5 PDF Participant Journal / $5 PDF Leader's Guide / $10 Printed Participant Journal / $15 Printed Leader's Guide

Vocational Stewardship: Engaging in Self-Discovery

This course leads participants into a deeper understanding of our purpose as individuals created as imago Dei and for a unique purpose. It provides simple, online tools for basic assessments of strengths, personality, and spiritual gifts, and it also guides participants in reflection of interests, experiences, motivations, and other personal factors for finding meaning in vocation. Purchase copies

Available formats: $5 PDF Participant Journal / $5 PDF Leader's Guide / $10 Printed Participant Journal / $15 Printed Leader's Guide

The Economics of Flourishing: A Biblical Look into the Basics of Economics and Flourishing for Everyone

Centered on the everyday economic decisions made by followers of Jesus, this course presents fundamental economic concepts that impact flourishing and offers a biblically centered understanding of their importance. It helps participants make the connection between economic decisions, their personal and spiritual well-being, and the common good, so that we can press for economic justice in God-honoring ways. Purchase copies

Available formats: $5 PDF Course Workbook / $15 Printed Course Workbook

The Spirit's Work: An Everyday Guide for Opening to the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit

This course is designed to help us release ourselves to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. Through spiritual practices and Biblical theology, participants explore how the Holy Spirit renews our minds, changes our emotions, reorients our will, and guides our actions so we can better reflect God's image to the world. Purchase copies

Available formats: $5 PDF Participant Journal / $5 PDF Leader's Guide / $10 Printed Participant Journal / $15 Printed Leader's Guide

Leading Whole-Life Discipleship: Exploring the Biblical Foundations Supporting Four Pastors' Stories of Whole-Life Discipleship Integration

This four-session Bible study course contains real stories of pastors who have deepened their biblical and theological understanding of whole-life discipleship. Each pastor shares how he or she engaged with faith, work, and economic themes in the life of their congregations. The course is designed to create robust discussion among local church pastors and leadership teams as they seek to impact those they lead. Purchase copies

Available formats: $5 PDF Course Workbook / $15 Printed Course Workbook

Church-Based Course for Youth

Vocational Stewardship for Youth: Lord, Do What You Want Through Me

Modeled after the adult Vocational Stewardship Course but rewritten for high school participants, this course leads young people toward a basic understanding that their life's work is glorifying to God. It also helps them discern aspects about their unique self that can help guide the many choices they must make in their early adult years. Purchase copies

Available formats: $5 PDF Course Workbook / $15 Printed Course Workbook

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