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Are you new to the faith-work conversation? Are you wondering where to start? There are a number of high-quality resources to consider as you begin to unpack how faith fundamentally shapes the purpose of our work and our understanding of vocation.

Work with Purpose Booklet

Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Work

This concise booklet examines the biblical foundations, historical insights, and constructive proposals related to work and vocation. It provides an excellent, accessible foundation for pastors, ministry leaders, and lay Christians on why work matters to God. Purchase copies

Contributing authors:

  • Glen Scorgie, Professor of Theology, Bethel Seminary San Diego
  • Jeannine Brown, Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary San Diego
  • Paul Ferris, Professor of Hebrew Bible, Bethel Seminary St. Paul

Must-Read Books

Here are a few titles we strongly recommend:

  • Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work - Timothy Keller & Katherine Leary Alsdorf
    Keller and Alsdorf offer a solid biblical and theological foundation for work that identifies ways our faith expresses itself in and through a redeemed understanding of daily work
  • Imagine Church: Releasing Whole-Life Disciples - Neil Hudson
    Hudson draws from powerful true stories to illustrate how ordinary churches can become communities of people living out their whole lives as followers of Jesus, Monday through Sunday 
  • Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good - Steven Garber
    Garber argues that a biblical definition of vocation means following our calling to help the world flourish while seeking the welfare of others and loving the world with all its joy and pain 

Articles and Papers

  • In his paper on faith and work (pdf), Roger Anderson identifies solutions to key challenges churches face when adopting a worldview that assumes the integration of faith and work

Case Studies

We partner with local pastors and churches to support their efforts toward faith, work, and economic integration. Three pastors in the Twin Cities shared their experiences of moving their congregations toward whole-life discipleship. Read their stories:

Talks Series Scripts

Faculty members from Bethel Seminary St. Paul and San Diego recorded a video series outlining biblical and theological perspectives on work. Go deeper into the content and get more insights by viewing the written scripts of each talk. 

Seminary Student Reflections

Each year, we host the 100,000 Hours Colloquy reading group in both St. Paul and San Diego. Seminary and graduate students meet regularly over an entire semester and read four foundational books. Participants from the Seminary write a reflection paper on what they've learned. We've collected highlights of their work via short blog posts. And we are also pleased to share the full-length winning papers from the last few years.