The Work with Purpose Initiative of Bethel Seminary equips both current pastors and future pastors (Seminary students) to see that all work matters to God. To do this, we engage with partners from ministries throughout the nation, from the local Twin Cities church community, and from departments right across campus within Bethel University. 

Ministry Partners

These key organizations produce thoughtful resources, host world-class local and national events, and share our mission of integrating faith, work, and economics. 

Church Partners

Our church partners are communities of faith in the Twin Cities who are actively moving their people toward whole-life discipleship. We support the good work of these leaders who are on the frontlines of vocational ministry. Past and present church partners include:

Bethel Partners

Even though Work with Purpose resides at Bethel Seminary, our vision relates to the knowledge and skills taught in every other department of the University. Here are some of our strategic partnerships from within the Bethel community: