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The Work with Purpose Initiative of Bethel Seminary started in 2013 through the support of the Kern Family Foundation. We exist to help the Church embrace whole-life discipleship and an integrated vision of work, vocation, and economics. Our mission is to prepare Christian leaders to encourage and equip the Church to effectively engage in all work.

Take a look at how we do this and then consider getting involved. For example, you can attend an event or give to support our mission. No matter where you are, you're invited to join us on this journey toward whole-life discipleship and a fuller picture of the gospel. 

Staff Leadership Team

Our 3 staff members bring together diverse perspectives that shape and drive all initiative activities.

  • Justin Irving, Initiative Director - Professor, Bethel Seminary St. Paul
  • TediAnne HasapopoulosChurch Ambassador - MBA Instructor, Bethel University
  • Tessa Pinkstaff, Initiative Manager - Bethel Seminary St. Paul

Initiative Advisory Team

Our 9 influential business and ministry leaders serve as important sounding boards for the overall direction and impact of the initiative.

  • Leith Anderson - President, National Association of Evangelicals
  • Judy Austin - Executive Pastor, Proverbs Christian Fellowship
  • Don Blue - Director of Finance, Grace Church
  • Geoff Bohleen - Executive Pastor, Buffalo Covenant Church
  • Laurel Bunker - Dean of Campus Ministries & Campus Pastor, Bethel University
  • Paul Ferris - Professor of Hebrew Bible, Bethel Seminary St. Paul
  • Nathan Miller - Senior High Pastor, GracePoint Church
  • Ramón Pastrano - President & CEO, ImpactLives Inc.
  • Al Prentice - MBA Instructor, Bethel University

Bethel Seminary Committee

Our 2 administrators assist us with identifying opportunities for growth within Bethel Seminary. 

  • Ross Jahnke - Dean of Academic & Business Operations, Bethel University
  • Jeff Sanders - Associate Dean of Formation & Professional Development, Bethel University