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Our professors are distinguished scholars, active researchers, published writers, and faithful Christians who demonstrate what it means to be both Christ-followers and leaders in their academic fields. As mentors and role models, they play a huge role in the integration of faith and learning at Bethel.


Charles Bradshaw

Adjunct Faculty | cob79424@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2013

Paul Ferris

Professor | pferris@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1998

Content and exegesis of the First Testament and biblical languages

David Howard

Professor | dhoward@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1982-1990, 2000-present.

Old Testament, Hebrew, and Hermeneutics

Justin Irving

Professor | j-irving@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2000

Leadership Studies; Servant Leadership; Team Effectiveness; Cross-Cultural Leadership; Organizational Change; Ministry Leadership; Purpose in Leadership; Leadership Assessment; Research Methodology and Design; Spiritual and Personal Formation for Leaders

Joel Jueckstock

Professor | juejoe@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2009

practical theology; pastoral care and counseling; personal and spiritual formation; grief, loss and transition; chaplaincy; leadership; bioethics.

Mark McCloskey

Professor | m-mccloskey@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1998

Biblical theology of leadership, leadership formation, organizational leadership development, team building, virtue-based leadership, strategic planning

David Nah

Associate Professor | d-nah@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2006

Systematic Theology, Christian Social Ethics, Theology in Global Context, Theology of Religions, World Religions

Sandra Oslund

Library Director, Bethel Seminary St. Paul | s-oslund@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2003

As director of the St. Paul seminary library, I collaborate with teaching faculty and lead the library staff in fulfilling the seminary’s educational mission.

Andrew Rowell

Instructor | a-rowell@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2013

Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lesslie Newbigin, Eugene Peterson, church planting, church consulting, megachurches, trends in theological education, business management, the quantitative study of congregations in sociology, models of practical theology, the history of pastoral ministry, pastoral ministry in literature.

Glen Scorgie

Professor of Theology | g-scorgie@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1996

Systematic theology, historical theology, spiritual theology and ethics.

Timothy Senapatiratne

Faculty | t-senapatiratne@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2001

Currently, I have focused my research on three separate, but interrelated areas. First, I have focused my research on the Hebrew Bible with a special emphasis on Wisdom Literature. I am particularly interested in how Biblical Wisdom Literature borrows from other wisdom traditions within the Ancient Near East. Second, I am also interested in understanding how our own personal hermeneutics impact the reading of Scripture. I am particularly interested in Asian and Asian American hermeneuti. . . read more.

Mofid Wasef

Adjunct Faculty | mow92538@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2009

Dr. Mofid Wasef has been an ordained Presbyterian pastor since 1987. He is the pastor of Pastoral Care as well as the sole pastor of the Arabic Speaking Congregation at Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church. He began his ministry in Egypt as the pastor of Moharram Bek Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, Egypt. He served in Alexandria until 1991, when he moved to the United States for graduate education in theological studies. Dr. Wasef's research interests are primarily focused on I. . . read more.

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