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Ministry is about more than knowing you're called. It's about preparing to fulfill that calling.

Our M.A. in Ministry is for those who want to prepare for pastoral leadership, especially in staff roles in churches, student ministries, or non-profit organizations. Your coursework will cover Bible, theology, leadership, spiritual formation, and ministry skills. You’ll experience personal growth and transformation as you explore your faith and learn to share the gospel. Your community of peers will challenge you just as much as they support you. And you’ll graduate with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual maturity you need to serve others with wisdom and grace.

Program Details

M.A. in Ministry

This program is designed to prepare and inspire you to fulfill your highest passions in ministry. We'll provide you with the framework, theories, and practices that produce the best results.

Deliveries: Daytime, Evening, Fully Online, and Online with Intensives

Locations: Online, San Diego, and St. Paul

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Upcoming Events

APR 6 2017

Ministry Scholars Program Info Session

10:15 a.m. BC436 (Brushaber Commons 4th level)

Come learn about the 5-year BA/MA in Ministry program opportunity for students discerning a call to ministry.

APR 10 2017

Seminary Preview Night (San Diego)

6 p.m. PT Bethel Seminary San Diego, 6116 Arosa Street, San Diego 92115-3902

Whether you've been thinking about seminary for a long time or you think seminary might be in your future, this event is a great place to start.

APR 11 2017

Online Info Session for Bethel Seminary Online Programs

12 p.m. CT Online

Learn more about our online master's degree programs and hear from a lead faculty member and an admissions representative.

APR 12 2017

Ministry Scholars Program Info Session

5:15 p.m. BC468A (Brushaber Commons 4th level)

Come learn about the 5-year BA/MA in Ministry program opportunity for students discerning a call to ministry.

Preparation Meets Calling

The Master of Arts in Ministry will prepare you to lead. You’ll start with a foundation of comprehensive knowledge and interpretive skill in Bible and theology. You’ll grow personally and spiritually, which is critical because all ministry starts with self-leadership. And you’ll add the practical ministry skills you need to serve with excellence in your ministry calling. As you learn to share the gospel with people from diverse backgrounds, invite people to transformative growth, and build productive teams, you’ll be ready to make significant contributions in your congregation, your community, and our world.

On average, 15-20 hours per week are committed to online programs.

62 denominations represented at Bethel Seminary

Program Highlights

Spiritual formation

Grow in spiritual maturity through a greater understanding of the Bible and how it relates to your own life. As you develop in faith and Christ-likeness, you’ll have a greater capacity to serve others.

Unique concentrations

Focus on your specific ministry vocation—choosing courses or a concentration to hone your area of calling. You’ll be equipped for meaningful work with those you’re called to serve.

Online Options

We offer fully online options so that you can complete the Ministry program from anywhere, and at a pace that fits your busy schedule.

Practical benefits

You’ll gain hands-on experience through a professional internship, giving you a chance to practice ministry—and then to reflect on your experience. The core capacities you gain will sustain you over time, preparing you to adapt to tasks or roles that God may call you to in the future.

Program flexibility

If you desire deeper preparation, the M.A. in Ministry offers seamless transition into the Master of Divinity degree program. All courses are transferable. You’ll be able to continue your studies without missing a beat!

Focus on the church

At Bethel Seminary, we exist to serve the church. If you share this same passion, the M.A. in Ministry program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help ensure the future and growth of God's appointed agency—the church.


The M.A. in Ministry will prepare you for associate or staff ministry roles in churches, student ministries, non-profit, or parachurch organizations through a strong biblical foundation, practical course material, and spiritual reflection.


Learn how to:

  • Increase your impact by developing the knowledge, spiritual maturity, and skills that will equip you to practice the ministry to which you are called
  • Promote a culturally sensitive understanding and practice of ministry
  • Develop a biblical and theological framework for your specific ministry goals
  • Familiarize yourself with emerging theoretical and research methodologies in the field of ministry studies
  • Promote awareness of ethical and theological issues relevant to ministry praxis
  • Be a successful member of any ministry team through developing your leadership skills


The M.A. in Ministry prepares students for a broad field of ministry roles. Possible ministry opportunities include:

  • Associate Pastor
  • Pastor of Community Life
  • Pastor of Discipleship
  • Pastor of Small Groups
  • College Ministry
  • Youth Ministry

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