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Master of Divinity

A divinity degree is about developing as a person and leader. And pursuing God’s call.

The Master of Divinity prepares you for solo, senior, teaching, or staff pastor or chaplain positions. It also attracts those wishing to enhance their Christian discipleship or prepare for seminary doctoral study. At Bethel, you'll learn how to interpret the Bible, relate it to everyday life, and apply it to your own character and spiritual formation. This transformational education will prepare you to serve with integrity and passion in any context.

Program Details

Master of Divinity

Bethel's Master of Divinity program gives you the knowledge and skills to lead as a teacher, pastor, or chaplain or pursue a seminary doctoral degree. You’ll study theology and Scripture, gain a Christian worldview, and develop personally and spiritually so that you’re prepared to follow your calling.

Deliveries: Daytime, Evening, Fully Online and Online with Intensives

Locations: Online, San Diego and St. Paul

More Details

Upcoming Events

MAR 7 2017

Online Info Session for Bethel Seminary's Online Programs

6 p.m. CT Online

Learn more about our online master's degree programs and hear from one of our faculty members and an admissions representative.

APR 10 2017

Seminary Preview Night (San Diego)

6 p.m. PT Bethel Seminary San Diego, 6116 Arosa Street, San Diego 92115-3902

Whether you've been thinking about seminary for a long time or you think seminary might be in your future, this event is a great place to start.

APR 11 2017

Online Info Session for Bethel Seminary Online Programs

12 p.m. CT Online

Learn more about our online master's degree programs and hear from a lead faculty member and an admissions representative.

APR 20 2017

Seminary Preview Night (St. Paul)

6 p.m. CT Seminary Campus Center

Whether you've been thinking about seminary for a long time or you think seminary might be in your future, this event is a great place to start.

A Transforming Education

The M.Div. impacts head, heart, and hands. You’ll study Bible and theology and develop a Christian worldview. But you’ll also discover your personality, spiritual gifts, and how you best relate to God in worship and spiritual disciplines. In the process, you’ll also develop ministry skills. Here, it’s not just about learning; it’s about becoming the person and leader God created you to be and preparing you for the work He created you to do.

Over 3,600 seminary graduates serving around the world

On average, 15-20 hours per week are committed to online programs.

Program Highlights

Personalized degree

Choose a concentration to go deeper in an area you will find most applicable to your personal goals for your theological education.

Practical, adaptable skills

Learn practical skills related to your area of interest. You’ll have opportunities to do an internship so you can gain ministry practice, and reflect on that practice. Here, you will test the practical skills you need for a lifetime of service to God in roles you haven’t even discovered yet.

Stimulating student body

You’ll enjoy the richness of studying alongside peers from a range of backgrounds and career fields. Yet, all students have a common commitment to grow as whole and holy people.

Online Options

We offer fully online options so that you can complete the Divinity program from anywhere, and at a pace that fits your busy schedule.


Our graduates serve in all the traditional church leadership roles. But they also work in missions, campus and student ministries, even in businesses, various professions, or non-profits. Some continue on to pursue doctoral degrees and teach in colleges, universities, and other educational settings.


Learn how to:

  • Interpret the Bible with maturity and discernment
  • Understand 20 centuries of theology and apply that wisdom to 21st century life
  • Communicate God’s Word in inspiring and transforming ways
  • Develop cultural sensitivity so you can lead effectively in diverse settings
  • Guide people to reconciliation with God and others
  • Prepare for ordination in your denomination or setting


Those with an M.Div. work as:

  • Pastors
  • Missionaries
  • Chaplains
  • Denominational ministers
  • Non-profit and parachurch leaders
  • Church planters in innovative settings
  • Professionals in any other setting

Graduate Schools

Our graduates have gone on to study at places like:

  • Princeton University
  • Fuller Seminary
  • Rice University
  • St. Louis University
  • Marquette University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Chicago
  • Fordham University

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