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Biblical Studies


The Biblical Studies Certificate includes core seminary courses. It offers condensed but robust theological training that will serve learners well in any ministry or industry context. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for personal spiritual growth by engaging students with a diverse group of peers and faculty mentors. The three courses offered in the certificate will easily transfer into Bethel Seminary's other programs, making it an excellent starting point for theological training without requiring a major immediate commitment.

Program Option(s)

Biblical Studies Certificate

The Biblical Studies Certificate is a flexible, condensed selection of Bethel Seminary’s foundational courses, giving adult learners a framework for biblical interpretation that will serve them well in any ministry or industry context.

Deliveries Face to Face, and Online
Locations Online, and St. Paul
Credits 9

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January 07, 2021 | 11 a.m.

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Karl ’50 and Marge (Helgren) Lachler AA’49, ’69 are finally fully retired after 32 years in ministry and many years of continued service, but the impact they left in Brazil continues to reap rewards. Churches they planted draw hundreds of congregants, people they taught continue to minister and serve in various roles, and their books are still taught at overseas seminaries.

November 11, 2020 | Noon

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Numerous events in 2020 have called virtuous leaders to rise to the challenge and guide their communities through uncertainty. Bethel Seminary Professors David Clark and Mark McCloskey share how leaders can harness biblical virtues in the form of agile leadership during crisis and change.

October 29, 2020 | 10:30 a.m.

Q&A with Ministry Scholar Daniel Parkin ’18, S’21

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Experience the Best of Bethel Seminary

This condensed certificate program is designed to give students a low-cost way to experience Bethel Seminary's signature, foundational courses. Whether you're continuing on to a full seminary program or simply looking for personal spiritual development, the Biblical Studies Certificate is a great option.
Seminary students

Program Highlights

Instruction by scholar-practitioners

Our professors are established theologians who contribute to the future of the church through teaching, writing, and research. Many of them are also pastors, speakers, and lay leaders in various contexts, so they understand the challenges facing the church and want to engage students in addressing them.

Robust ministry network

Bethel Seminary attracts learners from many denominations and contexts, creating a unique learning environment where deep relationships and support networks are formed. Learn from the top theological minds while getting to know friends who will become your advocates and contacts for life.

Solid theological teaching

Students in this certificate program take Hermeneutics, Old Testament Survey, and New Testament Survey, three courses which are foundational to the Bethel Seminary experience. Together, they offer a robust understanding of scripture and provide and excellent basis for continued study.

Flexible delivery

This certificate may be completed online or through traditional classroom experiences at Bethel's St. Paul or San Diego campus. There are frequent start dates, and the certificate may be completed in as little as a year or spaced out for students who want a more relaxed pace.


You’ll walk away from this program with practical skills in biblical interpretation and the confidence to apply those skills to your career.


Learn how to:

  • Apply the message of the Bible to your own life so you can impact others
  • Love God, yourself, and others more fully by gaining emotional, spiritual, and relational health
  • Gain tools and insights for interpreting the Bible in its original context
  • Relate theology to current issues
  • Approach Scripture with care and understanding