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Forms & Resources

As you go through the process, you might need to use some of these additional forms. We've also listed a few resources we send in the mail in case you prefer to access them online.


Learn about what special circumstances could qualify for an appeal.

Financial Aid Guide

Brochure we send with your financial aid award package. It provides detailed information on costs, grants, and loans:

Loan Request Form

You can use these forms to authorize loans not previously requested online or with the Loan Response Form received with your award package.

Military Benefits Verification Form

Students who will receive military benefits for tuition and fees and/or books and supplies should use this form to report these amounts.

Payment Planner 2016-2017

Tuition Benefit Request Form

Bethel University employees may apply for a tuition benefit:

Verification Worksheet

If you've been selected for verification by the Department of Education, you must complete and submit the appropriate worksheet along with signed federal tax forms to the financial aid office:

  • You can access your personalized Verification Form by logging on to Blink [Student Services tab > Financial Aid channel on the left (not the Financial Aid Requirements channel in the center) > under "Steps to apply for financial aid," choose the link for "your Verification Form"]. Please be sure to select the correct academic year.