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2020 Omark Preaching Competition Final Results

Thank you to all the students who participated in this year's Omark Preaching Competition, and to those who voted for being a part of helping to grow and encourage current and future preachers for the Kingdom of God. Below are the final results of this year's competition. Please join us for Chapel in Benson Great Hall on Friday, April 3 to hear the first place winner preach! 

1st Place – Kavan Rogness

Kavan Rogness

$1000 from the Edwin J. Omark Preaching Scholarship

Kavan Rogness is in his final year as a Master of Divinity student. Prior to his time at Bethel Seminary, he earned his bachelor’s degree in communication studies and history at Gustavus Adolphus College and a master’s degree in communication studies at Kansas State University. He’s currently working as a store supervisor for Brooks Brothers. Kavan is very active with Team World Vision, running marathons and an Ironman to raise funds for clean water projects in Africa. In his limited spare time, Kavan plumbs the depths of Wikipedia for interesting yet useless information. Kavan loves spending time with friends and family, particularly his eight nieces and nephews.

2nd Place – Bryce Langley

Bryce Langley

$800 from the Robert A. Featherstone Memorial Scholarship

Bryce Langley is a second year Marriage and Family Therapy student at Bethel Seminary with a passion for integrating practical theology and best counseling techniques into therapy settings. Bryce lives in southwest Minneapolis with his wife, Emily, and works as one of the resident hall custodians on Bethel’s freshman hill in conjunction with his current studies. In his spare time Bryce enjoys a good book on his recliner, recreational writing, powerlifting, bacon, and date nights with his wife.

3rd Place – Jason Clark

Jason Clark

$600 from the Emily A. VanAntwerp Memorial Preaching Scholarship

Jason Clark, a current Master of Divinity student, came to Christ at 18 when he recognized a need for God in his life. In college, Jason was deeply impacted by the ministry of Cru. After serving at a local church for half a decade, he has since spent the past six years as a missionary on the college campuses in the U.S., sharing Christ with students and faculty alike. If you don’t catch Jason searching for alligators in the Florida wetlands, you will find him drinking coffee, reading the comic strip “Peanuts,” or playing board games with his family. Jason and his wife Sarah have three beautiful children and currently reside in Orlando, Florida.