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Instructions for Submitting Your Sermon and Outline

After filling-out the registration form for participation in the 55th Edin J. Omark Preaching Award, follow the submission instructions below.

Please contact Stephanie O'Brien at wilstek@bethel.edu with any questions.

  1. Record Your Sermon
    • Record your sermon on a digital video camera
    • Should be approximately 20 minutes long
  2. Transfer Your Sermon to Your Computer
    • Most video cameras can be connected to your computer with a USB cable.
    • You will typically need some software such as iMovie on a Mac or Microsoft Movie Maker for PC. You can transfer your sermon to your computer in a mp4, wmv, or other file format.
  3. Create a Vimeo Account
    1. Sign up for an account at vimeo.com/join
    2. You will be sent an email to confirm your account has been created. Be sure to check for this email to finalize the creation of your account.
  4. Upload Sermon to Vimeo
    1. Once signed into your new Vimeo account, click on "Upload a Video."
    2. Click on "Choose a File to Upload"
    3. Locate your sermon file on your computer and click upload. It may take 30 min for your file to upload.
  5. Provide the Link to Your Sermon Video and Your Sermon Outline
    1. Copy the URL for your sermon video in your internet browser and email it along with your sermon outline to seminary@bethel.edu 
    2. Return to your registration form by clicking the "Edit your response" link on your registration confirmation email and paste the URL link in the final response field labeled "Vimeo Video Link."