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Matt Ferris

Student Success Advisor


B.A. in Philosophy, Whitworth University

Certificate in Ministry, Whitworth University

Home state


My favorite things about Bethel University

The community here is extraordinary, and I think it sets Bethel apart. So much of our learning happens through our relationships with other people so I think good community is the "secret sauce" to a good education. Bethel also deeply cares about the holistic experience of their students. Every person is worth infinitely more than just what they know, and Bethel reflects that by emphasizing the spiritual growth and overall wellbeing of our students.

My favorite things about the Twin Cities and life

The more I travel, the more I realize how unique the Twin Cities are. I love the green spaces and natural bodies of water that are intertwined with the urban landscape. As a native Minnesotan I've benefitted from the cities' fantastic schools, churches, non-profits, and businesses, and have consumed more than my fair share of the incredible food and coffee that the cities have to offer. Minnesotans tend to be easy-going and kind, but also passionate about the things that give them life. There's nowhere else I'd rather live.

My favorite thing about being a Student Success Advisor

I love spending time with people one-on-one and listening to their stories. I think one of the most special gifts you can be trusted with is someone else's story. My role as a Student Sucess Advisor allows me to walk alongside people as they pursue their degree and gives me the opportunity to hear about their lives and what they care about.

Before working at Bethel

I spent over 10 years in vocational ministry, specifically spending time with students, young adults, and young leaders pursuing a call to ministry. I am a dad, a husband, and native Minnesotan who left part of his heart in the Pacific Northwest after four years of living in Washington.