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Research and TA Opportunities

Department of Chemistry

At Bethel, you'll be able to apply what you've learned and gain hands-on experience. Opportunities include student-faculty research projects and teaching assistant (TA) positions. 


Research is a central component of all chemistry department programs, providing opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills from the classroom to significant questions and problems in the laboratory. Research areas span analytical/environmental chemistry, inorganic and biomaterials, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, computational chemistry, chemical education, and organic synthesis.  

Students frequently collaborate with faculty on research projects, and all students present their research at a regional or national conference. A Chemistry Seminar sequence of four courses provides the support during the academic year for students to develop the ability to:

  • Search, read, and critique scientific literature
  • Formulate valid, relevant, and significant questions and experimental methods
  • Analyze experimental results
  • Utilize diverse instrumentation
  • Present research projects graphically, orally, and in written formats

Summer research

The summer months are a vital time for students to acquire skills, develop work habits, improve professional and academic connections, and to strengthen their resumes. At Bethel, chemistry and biochemistry majors regularly participate in focused research during the summer—particularly after their sophomore or junior years of study.  

The annual Chemistry Department Summer Research Fellowship program at Bethel partners students and professors on intensive research projects. Summer research stipends for this endeavor are funded by a combination of endowments, gifts, grants, and internal support. Learn more about Bethel’s support for research on the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship website.

Other students take advantage of the opportunity to experience a large-university research environment by participating in REU programs across the country. Some students are offered summer internships in industry (both large and small companies) or at universities obtained through the professional and scientific network of collaborators of Bethel professors. 

Teaching assistant (TA) opportunities

Students have numerous opportunities to gain experience through paid teaching assistant (TA) positions. About 20-30 students a year serve anywhere from about an hour to 15 hours per week. Our TAs work in three main where they help:

  • prepare labs and work to manage our stock rooms
  • supervise labs and provide on-on-one guidance to younger students
  • grade student work and assist as tutors


For more information on research and TA opportunities, contact the department chair or a faculty member