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The pre-medical program at Bethel University produces high quality students of distinction with very high acceptance rates. Students can take numerous paths towards a wide range of medical degree programs. Several departments, programs, faculty, and student groups contribute in myriad ways towards the overall program for pre-med students.

Medical programs do not give preference to students with a major in pre-medicine. For this reason, Bethel has chosen to not offer a pre-med major. Instead, we encourage students to select a major that works best for them. Students must take certain prerequisite courses while they are completing their college degree to make themselves eligible to apply for medical school programs. Many pre-med students choose the degree with the greatest overlap with medical school requirements. For those planning to pursue an M.D. (doctorate of medicine), the B.S. in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology is an exceptional choice, providing students with a wealth of options due to its rigorous, interdisciplinary, and highly applicable nature.

The following are the recommended courses at Bethel to be prepared for the MCAT for entrance into medical school. Medical schools may have additional requirements as well.

There are 4 testing areas on the MCAT:

  1. chemical and physical foundations of living systems
  2. biology and biochemical foundations of living systems
  3. psychological, social, and biological foundations of behavior
  4. critical analysis and reasoning

CHE113/113D, CHE214/215 General Chemistry I/II and Labs
(or CHE208/208D, Accelerated Gen Chem and Lab)

CHE224/225, CHE226/227 Organic Chemistry I/II and Labs

CHE388/389, CHE396/397 Biochemistry I/II and Labs
(or CHE304/305, Essentials of Biochem and Lab)

PHY292/292D, PHY296/297 General Physics I/II and Labs
(or PHY202/202D, PHY206/207, Intro to Phys I/II and Labs)

BIO120/121 Intro to Molec/Cell Bio and Lab

BIO122/122D Organismic Bio and Lab

BIO332/333 Genetics and Lab

BIO354/355 Cell Biology and Lab
(or BIO396/397, Molecular Biology and Lab)

PSY100 Intro to Psychology

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