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The media production major focuses on preparing graduates to work and navigate within our ever-changing media culture. Students build skills in media writing, public speaking, web design/content creation, and broadcast production techniques–using a state-of-the-art television studio and web-streamed radio station. They also explore theories and techniques for creating of media content including radio, broadcast, and television.

Why should I study media production?

Advances in technology have shifted media production from media broadcasting to "narrow-casting" where people pick and choose when and what they want to watch at what time they want to watch it. Therefore, the foundation of narrow casting is convergent digital media. To more accurately reflect the state of the broadcast industry, the media broadcast major emphasizes creative content production for distribution across multiple platforms.

What can I do with this degree?

This major equips students for careers in the broadcast industry by preparing them to not only function as part of a production team, but to produce and distribute broadcast content in a variety of genres.

What skills will I develop?

The Media Production degree prepares students to:

  • Create original programming for broadcast outlets.
  • Develop content and programming for network productions.
  • Analyze and critique broadcast programming content.
  • Excel in broadcast sales.
  • Contribute to broadcast news.
  • Pursue graduate work in the field of studio-based network production.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

The Media Production major includes a required internship experience where we'll work to match you with an internship related to your specific area of interest in production.

Hands-on Learning in Los Angeles

This major has been designed to encourage spending a semester at the LA Film Studies Center, where students acquire skills in creating, developing, and producing compelling stories through film. This off-campus program includes an internship in Hollywood.

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