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Contemporary Christian Issues (Capstone)

Just as there is a culminating experience in each major such as a senior seminar, student teaching, or internship, our General Education program has a senior level course. These courses emphasize deeper levels of self-understanding and consideration of some of the complex issues present in our contemporary society. They bring together students from across many majors who learn to:

  • Explore and evaluate Christian worldviews and develop personal strategies to inform decision-making
  • Critique alternative points of view to various life issues
  • Communicate with others clearly, authentically, and ethically
  • Establish a healthy Christian self-identity

Why study Contemporary Christian Issues?

Bethel's ultimate goal is to produce mature Christians who can influence the world as servants of Jesus Christ. Our students must have holistic and biblically-based views of themselves and the world and be prepared to engage the modern world in all its complexity. For our students to do this effectively they must be able to:

  • Evaluate life issues through the lens of a Christian worldview
  • Use various perspectives in approaching issues and making choices that affect their individual lives
  • Make ethical decisions when facing the complex issues present in our contemporary society

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