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The Humanities Program is an integrated sequence of 3 courses designed to provide students with a liberal arts foundation by exploring how Western civilization has tried to answer life's deepest questions concerning God, the self, and society.

Humanities is about starting the conversation with Plato or Aristotle in the company of teachers and students who will accompany you through the major epochs of Western history.

It's about experiencing the great works of Western civilization firsthand instead of through textbooks. We read and discuss full works of literature, philosophy, and theology. We read Plato and visit a museum with Greek sculpture. We learn about Shakespeare by seeing one of his plays at the renowned Guthrie Theater. We stage a jazz dance to get a feel for the atmosphere of America during the roaring 20s.

Sound good? Then the Humanities Program might be for you.

A Typical Week in Humanities 

Humanities classes meet three times a week. In an ordinary week, two of these will involve a seminar in which your professor will lead you and a small group of fellow students in discussion, debate, and analysis of the week's reading, while the third session is a large group lecture in which different professors on the team provide broader context for the readings. This is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insight from Bethel professors in their areas of expertise.

Check out some of the things you'll be studying.

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In your freshman registration materials, you should indicate your preference for the Humanities Program. This program is entirely self-selecting. There is no admissions process.

You must enter the program with Humanities I. You may not test out of one of the courses or enter the program later.


Contact the Humanities Program for more information:

Andy Bramsen, Ph.D.
Co-Director of the Humanities Program
Associate Professor of Political Science
651.638.6322, a-bramsen@bethel.edu 

AnneMarie Kooistra, Ph.D.
Co-Director of the Humanities Program
Professor of History
651.638.6564, a-kooistra@bethel.edu