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Language Placement Information

If you have taken less than one year of high school language, you are able to register for 101 in ASL and Spanish.

For Spanish placement beyond 101, you will need to complete the Language Placement Test before you can register.  

Looking for your results?

If you already took the placement test and do not remember your placement score, you may view your scores on MyBethel > Banner (icon) > Login to Bethel University's Self-Service Banner System > Student > Student Records > View Test Scores.

Taking a Placement Test

Final placement is determined by the Language Placement Coordinator. The coordinator will take into account the score on the placement test, as well as previous seat time, grades, lapse of time between language courses, and experience with native speakers.

Students who place above the 102S course take the course into which they are placed or the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test.

Testing for ASL (American Sign Language) Placement

Placement Tests for ASL will be administered to current students in early October and early March so they are appropriately placed prior to registration for the following semester.

The placement test must be arranged by appointment with an ASL professor. Contact the department's Administrative Assistant at languages-cultures@bethel.edu. For more information about American Sign Language and placement, please see the FAQ on ASL.

Testing for Spanish Placement

The online Placement Test for Spanish takes about 15 minutes and must be completed at least one week before registration.

Before taking the online placement test:

  • Have your Bethel ID# ready.
  • Click on the link below and create an account with WebCAPE. You will be asked to create a user name and password. This should be different than your Bethel user name and password. 
  • After you register, you will be asked to log into your new account. Choose the language for the test you will be taking. 
  • You must complete the pre-test survey about your language experience before taking the test.
  • The test must be completed at least one week prior to registration.

Take the Language Placement Test

Alternatives to Language Requirements

Option 1: Testing Out

Students who wish to test out of the General Education Language Requirement at Bethel in Spanish must complete the CLEP Test through College Board. This test is taken onsite at area locations listed on the College Board website. You must request that results be sent to Bethel University.

Credits can be received through CLEP with a minimum score of 50. Final determination of credits will be made by the Registrar’s office. Testing fees must be paid directly to CLEP upon registration for the exam. Since CLEP tests are not offered in all languages, students who have studied a language other than Spanish should contact the Language Placement Coordinator at language-testing@bethel.edu.

Option 2: Non-Bethel Credits

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and transfer credits from another university may apply toward meeting the General Education language requirement. For further questions on what will transfer for the General Education language requirement from AP, IB, CIS (College in the Schools) and transfer credits from another university, please contact the Transfer Evaluation Specialist in the University Registrar’s office.

Option 3: Native Speakers

Students who are native or heritage speakers of a language other than English may be eligible for up to 8 language credits to reflect your achievement of National Foreign Language Standards (NFLS). Contact the Language Placement Coordinator, to step up an appointment to determine if you meet NFLS criteria. Please email language-testing@bethel.edu to set up an appointment.


See our FAQ page for answers to common questions about Bethel's language requirement.

For further information please email the Language Placement Coordinator at, language-testing@bethel.edu.