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Who is the ASL Placement Test for?

Students who are planning to enroll in an ASL course at Bethel, AND

One of the following:

  • Have previously taken ASL in high school OR
  • Are children of a Deaf parent who used ASL in the home OR
  • Are themselves Deaf and grew up using it with Deaf peers, parents and teachers in school.

When and how do I sign up for the test?

The testing periods for ASL take place during the months of October and March prior to registration for the next semester and/or summer terms. Contact the Languages and Cultures Department at languages-cultures@bethel.edu

What is on the ASL Placement Test?

There are two portions to the test. The receptive portion tests a student’s skills in understanding ASL; the expressive portion asks students to sign common phrases or sentences representative of skill level covered in ASL101 & ASL102S. 

The test is a half hour long. No preparation is required.

Why would I need to take the ASL placement test?

The placement test measures if your present level of skill is high enough to be placed in ASL102S or to demonstrate that you have met the language requirement altogether.

What else should I know about ASL at Bethel?

ASL classes fill up very quickly, as enrollment is capped at 25 students. Exceptions are made only in unique circumstances. Classes tend to be filled with juniors and seniors. Students who do not get in are put on a waiting list. 

Students should not encourage other students to hold a spot for them by having someone else register for the class who has an earlier registration time. This is an unethical practice.

Both ASL courses are also offered consecutively during the summer terms, rarely with waiting lists.