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Which languages are offered at Bethel University?
Bethel offers American Sign Language, Biblical Greek, French, and Spanish. Any of these languages may be taken to meet the general education language requirement.

How much language do I need to take in order to complete the language requirement?
Students must reach a level called “Novice-high” on the rating scale of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). This level is usually reached at the end of two semesters of language study at the college level.

Does everyone have to take the placement test?
No, only those students who have studied a year or more in high school, of the language they wish to take at Bethel, must take the placement test. Those who have never had the language of choice in high school can register for ASL101, CHI101, FRE101, or SPA101.

Where do I take the placement test?
The Placement Test for French and Spanish is taken online. The Placement Test for ASL is taken by arrangement with a professor in that language.

What is the placement test like?
For French and Spanish the test is multiple-choice and focuses mostly on grammar and reading. For ASL the test is taken one-on-one with a professor in that language.

How do I find out my results for the placement test?
Your course placement will be communicated to you via email, and you will be cleared to enroll in the appropriate class.

I already took the test—where do I find my results?
If you already took the placement test and do not remember your placement score, you may view your scores on MyBethel > Banner (icon) > Login to Bethel University's Self Service Banner System > Student > Student Records > View Test Scores.

Can I test out of the language requirement?
Yes, you may fulfill Bethel's language requirement by earning a satisfactory score on a language AP exam or College Level Examination Program test.

I took 2 semesters of a foreign language through the PSEO program. Do I still need to take more language in order to fill the requirement?
If you received the equivalent of one year of college credit, you have fulfilled Bethel’s language requirement. If you were a PSEO student at Bethel, your language class will already be on your transcript. If you were a PSEO student at another college or university, you will need to be sure your transcripts are sent to Bethel.

What if I grew up speaking a second language in my home or in a foreign culture where I spent a lot of time while I was growing up?
Email the Language Placement Coordinator at language-testing@bethel.edu. We will request specific information from you that we need in order to evaluate your level of language proficiency. Students who are native or heritage speakers may be eligible for up to 8 language credits.

If I transfer in language credits from another college, do I still need to take more courses in order to fill the requirement?
If you have received credit for the second semester of language study at another college, you have fulfilled Bethel’s language requirement and do not need to take more courses for the requirement, although we do hope you continue your language study.

How do I know which language class and section I should take?
Based on the number of years of language you took in high school and your score on the placement exam, you will be cleared to enroll, by the Language Placement Coordinator in the appropriate class. For January session and spring semester, you will work with your advisor to schedule your classes. Again, the number of years of language taken in high school and your score on the placement test will determine the best language class for you.

I took Spanish in high school but now I want to start another language. Is that a good idea?
It’s a great idea to start another language. Register for the 101 class in the new language.

What are the classes like?
We teach the classes in the language of study (target language) using a variety of activities. The focus of class-time is on communicating with one another in the target language.

What if I have a hard time learning languages? Is there extra help available?
Yes, there is. The Language Resource Center in the Department of Languages and Cultures is open in the evenings where advanced language students are available for tutoring or practicing conversational skills.