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Bradley Beale: Conductor, The Royal Register
Merrin Guice Gill, Director of Choral Activities
Nicole Lambrecht, Conductor, Lucia Chorum

Bethel Choir

The Bethel Choir is a mixed choir of auditioned voices and is Bethel’s flagship choral organization. The choir performs a wide variety of sacred and secular repertoire and participates in all of Bethel’s major festivals, touring annually throughout the United States and every fourth year overseas. The choir is comprised predominantly of upperclass students and has represented Bethel at home and abroad with high reviews for nearly 70 years.

Lucia Chorum

Lucia Chorum is an ensemble that performs repertoire written specifically for treble voices. The choir performs in concerts during Festival of Christmas and Classics in the Great Hall (May). Lucia Chorum performs additionally on their Spring Tour (2-3 days) in churches/schools and outreach concerts (spring semester) Additional activities include a Fall and Winter Retreat, held locally. Lucia Chorum studies vocal technique, sight reading, and aural skills within the environment of a treble chorus.

The Royal Register

The Royal Register is a men's a cappella ensemble of auditioned voices. The group studies and performs vocal literature across genres and time periods with an emphasis on modern musical styles and vocal techniques. The Royal Register is part of the Bethel choral family and performs in concert alone as well as in mixed voiced choral situations with the Bethel Choir and Lucia Chorum. Concerts include Festival of Christmas and Classics in the Great Hall (May). Additional events may include outreach activities and local performances.

Festival Choir

The Bethel Festival Choir includes members of the Bethel Choir, Lucia Chorum, and The Royal Register. The Festival Choir performs major choral works combined with the Festival Orchestra at the annual Festival of Christmas and Classics in the Great Hall concerts.