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One-on-one Writing Support

Specialized one-on-one writing assistance is available for multilingual learners. Students can work with a faculty English Learner specialist by scheduling a "Multilingual Support" session through the Writing Center website.

Writing Studio for Multilingual Learners

Writing Studio for Multilingual Learners (GES103/GES203) supports students in building their writing skills and confidence. This one-credit course focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for successful college-level academic research and writing in the U.S.. Instruction is tailored to multilingual students (international or immigrant students from non-English-speaking backgrounds). Students can register through the first couple weeks of class by contacting Kristen Nichols-Besel at kmn39985@bethel.edu. The course time will be arranged for Wednesdays based on enrolled students' schedules.

Advanced Writing Studio for Multilingual Learners (GES355) is a one-credit course that students can take in conjunction with a class that requires substantial writing and research, including a formal research paper that synthesizes information from a variety of properly documented sources. Students can register through the first few weeks of the semester by contacting Kristen Nichols-Besel at kmn39985@bethel.edu.

Free ESL Courses Nearby

The Minnesota Literacy Council can help you locate free ESL courses near you. Some are available with child care and some are offered online for convenient access.

Help Sessions and Tutor Labs

Subject-specific support is also available through

CAPS/GS Academic Resource Center

For academic support in your program, visit College of Adult and Professional Studies Academic Resource Center or Graduate School Academic Resource Center.  The CAPS/GS Academic Resource center is located in Anderson Center 301.