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As a college student, your life is in constant change-how many credits you're taking, if you plan to study abroad, if you get married. Some of these changes could affect your financial aid award.

Private scholarships

Look for private scholarships, because that's more aid you don't have to repay. Additional scholarships could reduce your loan or work-study eligibility, but they will not affect the gift aid you receive from Bethel-unless your total amount of gift aid exceeds the tuition, room, and board paid to Bethel.

Dropping credits or withdrawing from Bethel

You must be enrolled full time to receive grants and scholarships. If you're considering dropping credits or withdrawing from college mid-term, you should contact us before reducing credits to see how your aid will change.

Repeating classes to improve grade point average

On occasion, we have students who want to repeat a course to improve their grade point average. These repeated credits are excluded when calculating financial aid eligibility if the student had a passing grade in the original course.

Refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for more details.

Studying abroad

You can receive financial aid when studying abroad through approved off-campus programs. Grants and scholarships will not increase if your study abroad program costs more than a semester at Bethel. You can apply for additional private loans to cover the difference. Bethel grants and scholarships may be used for one study abroad semester.

Getting married

Students do not always receive better financial aid packages because they are married.

To determine if you should fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before getting married or to wait until after you are married, here's what you can do:

  1. Use the Financial Aid Estimator at www.ohe.state.mn.us and complete two estimates:
    • Single student including your parents' data
    • Married independent student including future spouse's data
  2. Print off both estimates.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a Bethel financial aid counselor to discuss the results. Bring copies of the estimate results to your appointment.

A student whose marital status changes after his or her FAFSA is submitted can submit a Marital Status Appeal form to the financial aid office. The deadline to submit a Marital Status Appeal is November 1.

Other special circumstances

Sometimes you experience life changes that severely limit your finances. See what conditions qualify as special circumstances.