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As you go through the process, you might need to use some of these additional forms. We've also included a few resources we send in the mail in case you prefer to access them online.


Learn about what special circumstances could qualify for an appeal.

BUILD Resource/Benefits Verification Form

All students applying to, or enrolling in the Bethel University Inclusive Learning and Development (BUILD) Program are asked to complete this form.

Military Benefits Verification Form

Students who will receive military benefits for tuition and fees and/or books and supplies should use this form to report these amounts.

Minnesota Residency Questionnaire

If you've been notified to complete the Minnesota State Grant eligibility questionnaire, it means we need to gather additional data from you to determine if you are a resident of Minnesota. Please complete this form if you have been notified by our office to do so.

Printable FAFSA Form (2017-2018)

Most students prefer to complete the FAFSA online. The online version is easier to complete, more accurate and faster to process. The online FAFSA has built-in edit checks that catch and correct many common errors. If you are unable to complete the online version, you can download and print the paper version here. This version must be mailed and requires more processing time.

Partnership Program Handbook

Handbook for churches that have students taking advantage of the Partnership Scholarship Program.

Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application

Please complete this form if you will enroll in classes during the summer of 2017.

Take the Next Step Guide 2017-2018

Handbook for completing your 2017-2018 enrollment checklis and the Financial Aid Process.

Tuition Benefit Request Form

Bethel University employees may apply for a tuition benefit.

Verification Worksheet

If you've been selected for verification by the Department of Education, you must complete and submit the appropriate verification form along with any requested tax information.

  • You can access your personalized Verification Form by logging on to Blink [Student Services tab > Financial Aid channel on the left (not the Financial Aid Requirements channel in the center) > under "Steps to apply for financial aid," choose the link for "your Verification Form"]. Please be sure to select the correct academic year.

Looking for something that's not listed here? Email us at finaid@bethel.edu.