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More than 1,100 students work on campus to help with their college expenses.

Some students are offered work study as part of their financial aid packages.

Even if you're not offered work study, you may still get a job on campus. Students work a variety of jobs - from sports photography or driving the Bethel shuttle to serving coffee in Royal Grounds.

Qualifying for Work Study

After you apply for aid through Bethel and complete your FAFSA, you'll receive your financial aid package letting you know if you qualify for work study.

The amount of work study you're offered reflects your maximum earning potential. An offer of up to $3,000 in work study doesn't guarantee that you'll earn the full amount. What you earn will depend on your pay rate and the number of hours you work throughout the year.

Campus jobs pay a minimum of $12.75/hour (2024-2025 rates), and you can work up to 20 hours per week. Typical annual earnings range from $1,400-2,600.

New Students

The Student Employment Application for incoming students should be available on March 15, 2024 and have a deadline of May 15. Please monitor our Student Employment webpage, beginning in March, for the application to open. If you are interested in campus employment, please monitor job openings throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please email student-employment@bethel.edu.

Current Students 

Find a job on campus or check with with the Office of Career Development and Calling about job opportunities off campus.