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Up to $2,000 per year (maximum $1,000 per semester).


Renewable for each year the church participates.


Students who are working toward their first degree, enrolled full time, and in good standing in the College of Arts & Sciences. This excludes post-baccalaureate students, students receiving tuition benefits, and students whose tuition is paid by an employer, ROTC, PSEO, or other full-tuition remission programs.

Dollar-for-dollar match of a church scholarship. Not need-based. Student is not eligible if receiving Bethel's tuition benefit or tuition waiver.

Eligible churches must have a scholarship program that is established and approved by its governing board or congregation. See specific requirements for church eligibility.

Academic requirements

Must be a full-time student in good standing and be working toward first bachelor’s degree.


August 1

How to apply

Apply for aid through Bethel. Your church must send a completed Partnership Agreement Form (pdf) and a check for the annual scholarship to the Office of Financial Aid by August 1.

Bethel will not match church scholarships that are paid directly to students, submitted without a signed agreement, or postmarked after August 1.

More information

Partnership Scholarships are normally awarded in addition to any other grants and scholarships. In some cases, the scholarship may reduce your eligibility for loan or work-study programs. In very rare cases, this scholarship will reduce other gift aid. In these cases, Bethel will notify the church and student before making any reductions.