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Student Emergency Aid Programs

Bethel has created a benevolent fund, as well as compiled a list of referrals to community organizations/assistance. The benevolent fund is to assist students currently enrolled at Bethel who are experiencing a sudden financial loss, need, hardship or challenge from an emergency or crisis.

The benevolent funds are made available through generous donors to Bethel and they are limited. Successful applicants will receive a check sent directly to the address indicated on the application. Students in need must submit the application for consideration. Decisions are made by the Student Emergency Funds Committee. Funds received through this resource are considered estimated financial assistance on the student's financial aid offer and recipients must be in good standing with Bethel. Documentation supporting the emergency financial need or circumstance is required for consideration.

Apply for Benevolence/Emergency Funds here.

Please note that at this time, there are no available emergency funds for CAPS and Graduate Students.

Special Circumstances

If you are an undergraduate student and your family's income as reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was significantly higher than income your family will receive while you're enrolled, you may want to submit a Reduced Income Appeal. If your appeal is approved, you might become eligible for additional need-based aid (grants or loans) to help with expenses.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) special circumstances

College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS) special circumstances

Other Resources

Perhaps you are in need of non-monetary assistance. We've compiled a list of other resources, such as food shelves, health insurance, medical care and housing opportunities.

Food Shelf/Nutritional Assistance Information

If you are uninsured/would like help obtaining health insurance:

Low-Cost/Community Clinics (Health Support)