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List of aid Opportunities available to Incoming Students in 2023-2024

Aid Opportunity



Royal Merits Scholarship Academic scholarship determined at point of acceptance to Bethel $15,000 to $25,000
Actuarial Science & Finance Scholarship For incoming students majoring in actuarial science and finance $4,000/year for 2 years
Arts & Humanities Scholarship For incoming students pursuing a bachelor degree through one of our arts or humanities departments 1 full tuition, 2 $10,000/year or $2,000/year
Church Partnership Scholarship Matching funds for degree-seeking students who receive a scholarship from their church up to $2,000/year
Faith in Action Scholarship For incoming students involved in Collision, Fellowship Christian Athletes or Young Life $4,000/year for 4 years
Fight for Something Scholarship For incoming students that identify as a member of the Karen or Karenni community $3,500 from The Urban Village and up to an additional $7,000 from Bethel
Finance Scholarship For incoming business majors with a finance emphasis $4,000/year for 2 years
George Floyd Scholarship For students with life experiences that give unique perspectives and strengths to bring to Bethel varies
Holman Chemistry Scholarship For incoming chemistry or biochemistry students $1,500/year for 4 years
Minnesota Aspiring Teachers of Color Scholarship For students of color enrolled in a teacher preparation program seeking licensure up to $10,000/year
Minnesota Indian Scholarship For incoming students that demonstrate they meet the American Indian ancestry requirement up to $4,000/year
Music Performance Scholarship For incoming students that commit to participation in a musical performance group varies
Physics & Engineering Scholarship For incoming physics and engineering students 2 full tuition and 2 $10,000/year
Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship (Bethel ROTC) For students participating in the ROTC program varies
Bethel Grant Based on financial need varies
Bethel Opportunity Grant For students of color with demonstrated need and specific dependency criteria varies
Federal Pell Grant For students with high financial need varies
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant For students who qualify for Pell Grants varies
Fostering Independence Grant For Minnesota residents that were formerly in foster care varies
International Student Grant For citizens of countries other than the U.S. or Canada $10,000/year
Minnesota State Grant For Minnesota residents with financial need varies
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant up to $4,000/year