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There's a reason why most Bethel students live on campus all four years. We have some great residence hall options ranging from suites to apartments to traditional rooms.

First-Year Halls


Getsch is a freshman residence hall with traditional rooms for 1-2 students. It is located on "The Hill" along with Edgren and Bodien.


Freshman residence hall with traditional-style rooms for 2 or 3 students. It is located on "The Hill" along with the other freshman halls Edgren and Getsch.


Edgren offers traditional-style rooms for 2-3 students. It's located on "The Hill" next to freshman halls Bodien and Getsch.


Bethel's largest freshman hall with suites for 6 students and traditional rooms for 2 students. It's also the closest freshman hall to the academic buildings.

First and Second-Year Hall


Lissner is the newest residence hall on campus and offers 6 - person suites for Bethel first and second-year students.

Second-Year Hall

Arden Village

Arden Village is a village of townhouses with 6-person suites for second-year students.

Second-Year/Upperclass Hall

North Village

North Village offers apartment-style living for upperclass students near the lake and wooded paths in a beautiful area of campus.

Upperclass Hall


Heritage offers spacious 3-room suites for upperclass students.