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Full summer housing covers the gap between partial summer housing and fall semester housing. Buildings being used for full summer housing are Wessman and Widen. If you're approved to stay for August, you'll remain in your summer room until you are asked to move to your fall room. You will agree to move sometime between Wednesday, August 2, and Wednesday, August 9.

Full Summer Housing Eligibility

  • Live in campus housing for summer and fall 2023 and be in good-standing with the University.
  • Agree to move from summer to fall housing when given a date to do so. You will receive communication by the third week of July.


Cost for August housing is $480 for the four-week session. Employment discount does not apply for August. This is a separate charge from partial summer housing and posts to your Bethel Student Account on July 15.

For students in an early arrival group (i.e. football, soccer, RA staff, etc.):

  • Weeks start and end on Saturdays. If your group arrives mid-week, you are responsible for the full week. A credit will be applied to any full weeks after group arrival date.