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When it's time for roommate selection, log in to your MyHousing page through MyBethel (click the "Housing & Meals" link in the "Tools & Resources" menu).

After you're logged into MyHousing:

  1. Select "Room Selection Process"
  2. Select "Select Roommates"
  3. Select the correct term at the top of the page
  4. Select "Search for a Roommate"
  5. Add the first and last name of the roommate you are requesting (correct spelling is critical)
  6. Select "Begin Search"
  7. Select "Request Roommate" once you find the correct name (choose carefully if more than one student is listed)
  • The requested roommate is sent an email notifying them of the request and instructions to confirm the request.
  • Once everyone in your group has requested their roommates, visit your MyHousing page to confirm that all requests match.
  • You can send a reminder email to any unmatched roommate’s requests by clicking the "Email" button.
  • If you need to remove a roommate, click the "Decline" button. This will send them an email notifying them of the change.

Having trouble looking up your roommate?

Try typing only the first few letters of the first and last name. An error in spelling is often the reason.

Still can't find the name? Check with the friend to confirm they have applied for housing.