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It takes just 2 steps to figure out where you're living at Bethel. If you have any questions along the way, contact us.

New Students (Spring start)

  1. Apply for housing: Application opens November 1.
    Apply online through Blink (Student Services tab > Housing channel > Apply for Housing).
  2. Room placement for New Students: Begins the second week of January.

Unlike the fall process, the mid-year room selection process is done for you by the Residence Life office staff. Preferences from the application are honored if possible based on space availability.

An email will be sent with room information once placement is completed. Your MyHousing Overview page will include your roommate's name and Bethel email. If you would like home information, you can look them up on the Bethel Directory found in Blink.

Get ready for Welcome Week move in. We'll have a crew of Bethel students ready to welcome you to campus, unload your car, and check you into your room.

Current Bethel Students (Interim or Spring start)

(Students returning from study abroad programs or commuters joining campus housing)

  1. Apply for housing. Application opens November 1.
    Apply online through Blink (Student Services tab > Housing channel > Apply for Housing).
    Specific room or roommate requests are noted on the application.
  2. Room Selection: Begins the first week of December.

The mid-year room selection process is done over email. Any specific room requests on the housing application are automatically placed in the space if available.

Groups of students requesting to live together will be added to rooms that have space for multiple students. Individuals must request each other on the housing application. Group will be contacted as needed.

Students with no specific room request or the requested spot is not available will be sent a list of available rooms to select from.

Move in for Interim begins January 3, 2017, at noon.

Move in for Spring begins January 30, 2017, at 1 p.m.

What are meal plan requirements for each hall?

A meal plan is required for all students with housing in Bodien, Edgren, Getsch, Nelson, Lissner, Arden Village, and Heritage. Students are pre-assigned the 15-Meal Plan with the option to change to another plan.

A meal plan is optional for students with housing in North Waters and North Woods apartments. These apartments are equipped with full kitchens.