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Meal Plans

There are a variety of ways Bethel's meal plans make life a bit easier. You already have enough on your plate as a Bethel student. Leave it to our expert chefs to prepare fresh food for you each day.

Plus, we believe that dining at Bethel is about more than just the food. Life happens whenever you share a meal or grab a cup of coffee with your friends.

Your Meal Plan Options

If you're living in campus housing, you'll have your choice of meal plan options based on where you're living.

All meal plans, except for the flex-only plan, give you a certain number of meals in the Monson Dining Center as well as flex dollars that you can use at any of our locations.

Changing Meal Plans and Adding Flex

Changes to a meal plan can be done through Blink (Student Services tab > Housing channel > My Housing and Meal Plans) during these selected times throughout the year. You can also add flex dollars all throughout the school year at a 10% discount that gets billed to your student account.

If you want to cancel your meal plan, stop by the Office of Campus Services in Townhouse N2. All cancellations must be done in person.

Bringing Guests

You can use the flex dollars from your meal plan to pay for guests. An exception to this is if you're on the 125/semester meal plan. Students on this plan can use meals or flex to pay for guests.

Dietary Needs

Our staff is able to provide meals for a wide variety of dietary requirements. Contact Tammi Mild at t-mild@bethel.edu in the Campus Services office to discuss your unique needs.


We try and make meal plans as easy as possible, but we know they can be confusing. If you have questions, please contact Tammi Mild at t-mild@bethel.edu.

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