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Meal Plan Options

Enrolling in a Meal Plan

There are a variety of meal plans—something for everyone.

Meal plans are available to all students and are either pre-assigned based on student housing or may be purchased through Blink (Student Services tab > Housing channel > My Housing and Meal Plans)

  • All students in Residence Halls except North Village are required to have a meal plan and will be pre-assigned the 15 meal plan with the option to change to another meal plan.

Meal Plan Options by Residence Hall

  • All students with housing in Getsch Hall, Bodien Hall, Nelson Hall, Edgren Hall, Lissner Hall, Arden Village East, Arden Village West, and Heritage Hall are required to have a Meal Plan and will be pre-assigned the 15-Meal Plan with the option to change to another Meal Plan. 

  • All freshmen / first year students with Bethel housing are required to have either the 20-Meal Plan or the 15-Meal Plan.   Students will be pre-assigned the 15-Meal Plan with the option to change to the 20-Meal Plan.

  • Students with housing in North Village apartments, or non-Bethel Housing may purchase any Meal Plan.  

Dates to Change Your Meal Plan

  • June 20 - August 26, 2015: Fall Semester changes accepted
  • August 29 - September 10, 2015: Fall Semester changes accepted
  • November 17 - December 18, 2015: Interim and Spring Semester changes accepted
  • January 4-28, 2016: Spring Semester changes accepted
  • February 1-11, 2016: Spring Semester changes accepted

Changes to meal plans can be made through Blink (Student Services tab > Housing channel > My Housing and Meal Plans).

 Meals Flex (Included) Cost/Semester
Fall Interim Spring Fall Interim Spring
20/week $50 $10 $45 $1,940 $365 $1,875
15/week $150 $20 $130 $1,940 $365 $1,875
125/Semester $150 $20 $150 $1,795 $340 $1,795
10/week $225 $40 $200 $1,770 $325 $1,710
6/week $540 $100 $520 $1,665 $290 $1,620
3/week $1,100 $145 $1,035 $1,665 $290 $1,620
2/week (PSEO commuters only) - - - $1,215 $130 $1,215
Flex only $515 $100 $500 - - -

For all the nuts and bolts, you can read the full meal plan contract (pdf).

What is the 125/semester meal plan?

Your schedule may change from week to week, and so does your need for meals in the Dining Center. To work with your schedule, this plan gives you 125 meals to use anytime during the semester instead of having a set number of meals per week. You could use 20 meals in one week or you could use none. You can even use an extra meal for a guest! This also eliminates the need to feel as if you must eat a set number of meals per week so you do not lose them.  Unused meals under the 125/Semester meal plan will roll-over from Fall Term to Interim and from Interim to Spring Term.

What are meals?

Meals are your ticket into the Monson Dining Center. Once you walk through the doors, you're free to choose whatever food you'd like. You'll use one "meal" every time you go—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For our weekly meal plans, we reset the number of meals each Friday. If you don't use all of your meals for the week by the end of the day Thursday, you'll forfeit those meals. But, if you run out of meals, Friday morning is a new week!

What are flex dollars?

You can use flex dollars for a quick snack in Royal Grounds, a meal at the 3900 Grill, or an extra trip to the dining center for you or a friend.

Depending on the plan, you'll have a certain amount of flex for each term—fall, interim, and spring. If you run out, you can always add more. If you have extra at the end of a term, you can carry over a maximum of 10% of your beginning balance. Please note that this carryover happens from fall to interim and interim to spring. Spring flex does not carry over.

If you’re on the Flex Only plan, you'll pay with flex instead of a "meal" at the Monson Dining Center.

What are the 20, 15, 10, 6, and 3/week meal plans?

If you would like to eat in the Monson Dining Center on a regular basis, these are great meal plans for you! These plans offer a set number of meals to be used from Friday morning to Thursday night each week, which is great if you like a little routine in your dining schedule. These meals do not roll-over from week to week, but an amount of flex dollars is put on your card each semester to be used at our retail locations for your morning coffee, late night snacks, or an extra meal in the dining center if you run out. Plans with fewer set meals per week offer a higher amount of flex dollars per semester for balance.

What is the Flex Only plan?

Students living in North Village or non-Bethel housing may chose the Flex Only plan if they do not plan on dining on campus frequently.  The Flex Only plan does not offer any meals per week, but instead a set amount of Flex per semester to be used at any of our three dining locations. This plan also has great advantages over the "no meal plan at all" option because it offers flex dollars at a discount versus paying cash, and many students without a meal plan find themselves needing to purchase food on campus anyways.

What is the 2-Meal PSEO plan?

If you are a PSEO student commuting from home, you may find that you want to eat on campus a couple times per week to socialize with your friends or just to save time while staying on campus to do homework, extra-curricular activities, etc. You are just as much a part of the Bethel community as students living on campus, so we want you to take part in the dining experience too! This plan offers two meals per week that do not roll-over from week to week.

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