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Each of the 8 core stations in the Monson Dining Center offer lactose-free menu options. A "Lactose-Free" sticker will help you identify items on a stations daily menu that are lactose-free, so your options will change daily.

Some items are available by request, so please feel free to ask our chefs to help you find these items. Our staff is trained in proper food handling procedures to prevent cross-contamination.


Fresh hand fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.) are available at every meal and fresh cut fruit is available during breakfast.

Hot cereal and toppings are available at breakfast in the soup wells. These sometimes contain dairy depending on the hot cereal so asking the chef is recommended.

A large variety of vegetable and protein-based items are available at the "Make Your Own Salad" bar to be combined for a customized lactose-free salad at lunch and dinner.

Vinaigrette-based salad dressings are lactose-free with two options available daily as well French dressing and olive oil and vinegar.

At our "Salad Toss" bar there are 4 core salads and a LTO (Limited Time Offer) daily. The Garden Vegetable Salad is also lactose-free.

The LTO salads change daily on a rotating basis, and the chef can assist with which LTOs are lactose-free.

Piatto Italiano

Our house made pizza crust, punch pizza crust, and house marinara sauce are all lactose-free.

Rice tortillas and soy cheese are available upon request.

A variety of toppings are available at the Piatti de Pasta or Ensaladas stations that can be combined for a lactose-free pizza.

Piatti de Pasta

Our house marinara and olive oil are lactose-free sauce options.

A variety of vegetable and protein-based ingredients are available to choose from for made-to-order lactose-free entrees.

Explore Asian

A large variety of vegetable and protein-based items are available at the made-to-order Explore Asian station to be combined in a customized lactose-free stir fry.

Our Curry sauce, Szechuan sauce, and Tamari (soy subsitute) are lactose-free sauce options to combine with a stir fry.

Jasmine rice is also lactose-free.


Lunch and dinner menus are on a rotation, and this concept line has new items daily. Please check with our chef for lactose-free options that are available for that particular day.

Please be on the lookout for "Lactose-Free" sticker identifiers next to menu items.

Braaivleis (Grill)

Scrambled eggs are served on this line at breakfast with cheese or no cheese options. See the Ensaladas line for additional breakfast options.

During lunch and dinner, hamburgers are prepared without cheese. French fries are also available.

Please note that french fries may be fried in the same oil as items containing lactose. Baked french fries are available upon request.

Also be on the lookout for "Lactose-Free" sticker identifiers next to menu items, as LTOs (Limited Time Offers) may be lactose-free.

Indulgence (Desserts)

A variety of rotating lactose-free desserts such as cookies, brownies, cakes, pudding, etc. are available at this station during lunch and dinner.

Soy milk is available by request.

Please feel free to ask Rochelle Sward if you have any questions about lactose-free dining.