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Nutrition & Wellness

A healthy life is built on healthy choices. The foods we eat today affect our lives tomorrow, but how do you know what to choose?

Nutritional information, ingredients, and portion sizes are all important considerations. Below are compiled resources to help you make informed dining decisions.

Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Sodexo's website helps you design a personal diet plan. Our Nutrition Tracking allows you to plan and track your meals using Sodexo's Nutrition Calculator and MyFitnessPal. Nutrition Questions? Check out the Meet the Dietitian section of the website.

Nutritional Information

We are also proud to introduce you to our award winning program, Mindful, that makes choosing the healthy choice, the easy choice. Mindful foods balance nutrition with enticing flavors to create an indulgent way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Look for the Mindful logo, which identifies the balanced choices on campus. 

We also provide nutritional information for the majority of the foods we serve:

  • Monson Dining Center: Select a food item from the menu. Nutritional information will appear in a pop-up window, including items that may be marked as "Mindful."
  • Simply to Go: For Simply to Go items in the 3900 Grill and Royal Grounds, nutritional information is listed on the product's label.
  • Other: MyFitnessPal now has Sodexo-specific menu items. Download the app and search "Sodexo Campus" to get started today.

Special Dietary Concerns

With rising awareness of individual dietary needs, many special dietary foods are integrated into regular menu options. Others are available by special request of a staff-member. These items are stored separately to avoid cross-contamination with allergens.

We have gluten-freelactose-free, and vegan options to meet your dining needs.

If you have special dietary concerns, we encourage you to first contact the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services at They will contact you to review your dietary concerns and the options available to you in Dining Services.

Should you go "Gluten-Free"? Gluten-free dining can be confusing, especially when it comes to the latest trends. Read more (pdf) to learn some important facts about gluten-free diets.

Build a Better Salad: The Stop Light Method

When you visit Monson Dining Center, you may notice our colored serving utensils-red, yellow and green tongs.

  • Green: Items are low in fat and calories, and can be used generously. "Green means GO!"
  • Yellow: Items are higher in protein-use moderately. "Yellow means SLOW down!"
  • Red: These items are higher in fat and calories-use only once or twice a week. "Red means HALT, use sparingly!"

Trans Fats and MSG

Sodexo has gone to a Zero Trans Fat (ZTF) policy effective August 2006. We are very proud to be a part of this ZTF promotion as it allows us to serve healthier food options.

Sodexo is also very proud to say we are a MSG-free company.

Cage-Free Eggs

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility on campus, we are now serving cage-free eggs in all of our locations. Sodexo views its commitment to the humane treatment of animals as highly important, just as it is for the people and the communities that it serves.

Join MyFitnessPal Today!

Want to keep track of what you are eating in the Dining Center? MyFitnessPal now has Sodexo-specific menu items. Download the app and search "Sodexo Campus" to get started.

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