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Monson Dining Center Prices

Current Prices for 2014-2015

Student paying with flex  Student without meal plan or guest Children
ages 4-11
Breakfast $5.32 $5.32 $2.52
Lunch $9.19 $9.80 $4.20
Dinner $11.16 $11.16 $5.41
Saturday brunch $9.90 $9.94 $4.85
Special event $12.10 $13.02 $6.67

Tax is not included in the above prices. Students are not charged tax when paying with the Flex Meal Plan. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Checks should be made payable to Sodexo. 

Student Meal Plans

We offer Bethel students in the College of Arts & Sciences a variety of meal plans depending on where they live and their individual needs.

Seminary, Graduate, and CAPS Student Options

Flex options for seminary, graduate, and CAPS students are also available by contacting Dining Services.

Employee Dine Dollars

Bethel employees can use their ID cards to purchase meals in the Monson Dining Center by adding Dine Dollars (flex) to their account. Dine Dollars can be purchased with cash, check, credit card and even payroll deduction. To purchase Dine Dollars or for more information download the Dine Dollars Purchase Form (pdf) or stop by the Dining Services office.

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