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Our Senior Care Leadership and Administration Certificate will prepare you to serve in the full continuum of senior care. You'll develop competencies in human resources, accounting, gerontology, and regulatory issues—all in just one year of study. A bachelor's degree and completion of two practicum courses are prerequisites to sit for licensure. Program directors will assist with placement, but please note that practicums are competitive. 


Fully Online

You'll complete 100% of your coursework online.

Location: Online

Start Dates: Courses start every 6 weeks. Contact your enrollment counselor for details.

Total Credits


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1 year


  • Financial Accounting for Managers (ACCT400)

    Introduction to financial accounting concepts as the language of business. Financial decision-making using key ratios and financial statements. Managerial understanding of principles of stewardship and ethical issues found in accounting.

    3 credits

  • Foundations of Business Management (BUSN301)

    An exploration of the foundations of modern management theory and practice including how external and internal environmental factors impact the practice of business management. Topics such as global forces, political and legal forces, socio-cultural forces and demographic forces will be used to develop an understanding of the complexities in business management today.

    3 credits

  • Human Resources Management (BUSN302)

    Introduction to the functional area of business called human resources management. Study the functions of attracting, retaining, motivating and managing the people who work in organizations. Study how human resources is involved in the recruitment, selection, employment, compensation, training, development, safety and termination of employees.

    3 credits

  • Nursing Informatics (NURS410)

    Exploration of the history, essential concepts, and use of information systems and patient care technologies in the healthcare environment. Identification of patient privacy and the use of software applications in nursing.

    3 credits

  • Gerontology and Services for Senior Care (SCLA450)

    Exploration of the gerontology field, including aging demographics and population trends. Application of physical, social, and psychological aspects of aging including the grieving process, death, and dying. Analysis of programs, resources, and services for the aging population throughout the continuum of care. Evaluation of funding streams to support healthcare needs.

    3 credits

  • Healthcare and Medical Needs for Senior Care (SCLA455)

    Introduction to the basic principles of healthcare related to the aging population including the normal aging process, relevant health issues, terminology, medical management, prevention, and emerging healthcare trends.

    3 credits

  • Senior Care Support Services (SCLA460)

    Exploration of the organization, operations, functions, services, and programs of senior care facilities from a leadership and management perspective. Includes an emphasis on issues of diversity and relationships between and among employees, residents, and families.

    3 credits

  • Senior Care Regulatory Management (SCLA465)

    Explanation of government regulations in relation to senior care services. Identification of the role the government has in the legal regulatory process. Explanation of specific laws and principles that impact senior care. Identification of programs and trainings that help to better understand or implement key senior care regulations.

    3 credits